Plastic surgery in Malaga

Plastic surgery in MalagaWelcome to the website of Dr. Ruiz Ruiz, a Doctor specialising in Plastic surgery in Malaga. If you live in Malaga or Costa del Sol you will find general information about the procedures we perform and we hope it will provide you with answers to the majority of your questions.

Please note that the information on this website is not intended to replace a consultation with the Doctor (in the centre of Malaga) whereby we will be able to personally clarify any doubts and queries you may have regarding all of our procedures about Plastic surgery in Malaga.

This website provides content and information of a general nature about the different Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery procedures available in medicine, in order to improve cosmetic and functional problems of the human body.

Plastic surgery in Malaga may contribute towards improving the patient’s self-esteem. Before deciding to have cosmetic surgery you should reflect carefully upon your expectations and speak with the plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ruiz Ruiz in a scheduled personal appointment to find the appropriate medical treatment for the specific problem.

People looking for a clinic of Plastic surgery in Malaga and the Costa del Sol, can make an appointment with our Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon Dr. Ruiz Ruiz. She will answer your questions about the cosmetic surgery, you will see before and after pictures of procedures, and inform you about the cost of the surgery.

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